il Salto: what is it about?

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il Salto is many things at once: a newspaper, an independent European-Mediterranean network providing news coverage and updates, a hub for cooperative journalism.

il Salto was born out of the professional experience of journalists who decided to pool their competencies to establish an innovative journalistic project and to tackle the pitfalls of the contemporary mainstream media landscape. Indeed, nowadays, readers are stuck between media outlets framed by strong economic and financial interests, on the one hand, and the “do-it-yourself” approach that leads to the proliferation of so called fake news, on the other one. Such a context fosters, in turn, xenophobic and right-wing populism and distrust towards journalism as a profession.

That’s why, we aim to involve directly our readership and partners when it comes to setting up our editorial agenda, in order to reconnect citizenship and media professionals. At the same time, we believe it is important to gather journalistic techniques and professionals that can “give back a voice” to those geographical and social areas that have been forgotten by mainstream media outlets, in their ongoing coverage of institutional affairs.

On the contrary, we aim at telling stories from “the inside”, at comparing different point of views, promote thoughtful analysis and inquiries, in the spirit of what has been recently defined as “slow journalism“. All the more important, we will be a spot for “constructive journalism” practices. That is: we want to focus on stories and experiences that embody attempts of establishing a society based on less inequality, ecological and social sustainability and shared welfare.

To stay true to its mission, il Salto needs to become as well a game changer in the way it finances its activities. Our motto goes like: “If you want participation, create it. If you want spaces that foster the freedom of the press and thought, build them”. In other terms, we want a media that is democratically financed by the many, not the few.

W we are working – together with a network of journalists, associations, social movements, informal groups and scholars – towards the establishment of an editorial cooperative that will be responsible for the editing and publishing of il Salto.

Towards the website

This temporary version is aimed at telling the “work in progress” towards the final website of il Salto, which will see the light in 2019. On these pages, we’ll give a taste of our future editorial production, publishing the first experiments of “constructive journalism”, a European-wide press review, news analysis and reportages. Likewise, the upcoming months will be key to establishing our European wide network and to register the editorial cooperative.

How to support il Salto

il Salto‘s financial sustainability depends upon different strands of activities. From the institutional support for editorial activities to socially responsible advertisement, from project making to the offering of communication and educational services.

However, the most important support in this start-up faces comes from our readers. From those who believe that there is the need of an independent and alternative media. That’s why, we are here today to ask as well you to support il Salto, according to your personal capacity, through our crowdfunding campaign, hosting presentations of the project across Italy and Europe. Become yourself, an ambassador of il Salto.


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